Saturday, June 09, 2007


Well I finally seem to have got a design that could work. Over on the boat
designs forum, people much wiser than me have plugged in the numbers and
worked out a whole series of numbers which show she'll be reasonably stable,
and should, at a normal pedal do about 10 km/h. That's pretty good, as I've
always thought I'd do about 6 km/h on this trip, which with six hour days
meant I'd take ten days from one end to the other. This way I've got some
flexibility. In all this I have to thank Rick Willoughby, in Australia,
whose patiently explained things.

It's Rick too, who showed me what I'm almost certain will be the final drive
solution. He's used pedals on swinging arms connected to two roller clutches
as a way to twist the drive through the 90 degrees. It looks like a good
reliable and cheap solution. All I have to do is find the roller clutches.

So that's where Voie Bleue stands at the moment, a finalised shape - which
will no doubt change as the build goes on, and a drive system where I have
to find the parts. Not too bad, now I really want to get on and build,
before summer really comes.

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