Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First (past the) post

Hmm, it's that blank blog feeling. How many times have I started a blog only for it to peter out, sometimes even after the first post. Well this one's going to be different, this one has to, because this one isn't really about me and my random musings, this one's about my project.

So what's the project? Well it's to pedal the length of the Nantes-Brest Canal. No big deal I'm sure, there's a tow path all along it, and it's pretty flat so cycling it should be no problem. Well no except I'm not planning to ride along the side of the canal like everyone else. Nope I'm going to ride along IN the canal. Of course I'm not doing it on a bike though, that would be silly, and wet. So I'll need a boat, but you can't just go out and buy a pedal boat - well you probably can if you've got the money - so I'm building one, and this is going to chart the progress.

Before I go any further though I've got to mention The Adventures of Greg. Greg's planning on pedalling the Atlantic, but then Greg's mad, and Canadian. If Canada had more stringent health and safety, Greg would be locked up by now. Inevitably Greg's a huge inspiration, and inevitably what he builds will be flasher, faster, and so much better than what I build. But then he's crossing the Atlantic, and I'm mooching up a canal. Anything I do which reminds anyone of Greg is done purely because of that inspiration.

So what's la Voie Bleue then? Literally it means the Blue Way. I think it sums up this whole thing pretty well really. That blue line on the map that marks out the canal, that sense that you can only travel along, that calm that comes from hearing water gently flowing. There's one way I'm going to get this thing done and that'll be the Blue Way - la Voie Bleue.