Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hey, will you pay me to pedal the canal?

Well, I realised I'd not blogged anything for a while, and why not? To be
honest it's because not a lot has changed, but why should that stop me?

I'm now at the stage of having planned everything, designed most things and
now the actual doing starts. This is my to do list:

Decide, finally on the charity.
Publise the event.
Build the boat.
Transport the boat.
Pedal the boat.

So not that much really. But before I do any of this I need to find some
money. And, that's where I fall down, because I get shy about asking for
money to pay for my enjoyment. I know deep down that it's not really
begging, that it's fundraising. I can justify it because if I didn't ask for
a little cash to pay for things, then I wouldn't be able to raise a lot more
cash for charity. But, there's still a little bit of me which says "you're a
cheeky sod, why should people give you money?"

I'm sure I'm not the only person who'll ask this either, but I jsut have to
keep saying to myself, if I don't do it then the moeny doesn't get raised.

So fundraising is the focus. At least I'm not trying to raise thousands, I
think I've planned almost all the money out of this boat, and got it as
cheap as it can be, and i think it's a good return on anyone's investment
too, because it's such an od thing to do, so people look, and when they look
they see the sponsors. Hey, it's a pedal powered floating billboard, and
damn cheap at that.

So, mister, give us some cash.


Part two of my thinking is when, when will I do this? Now hopefully this
year will be like all the rest and summer won't really kick in till
September, and the good weather will carry through, so I don't see that as a
deadline. But, I've discovered that there's a big festival of the canal in
Nantes the first week of September, and what better way to finish a journey
than with a festival? Of course that means that the start date would be the
middle of August - seven weeks away! Can I get it all done in seven weeks?
Would I be better changing everything round an starting in Nantes? I don't
know, it all depends on the answers to the questions in the last blog.

Watch this space.